Troy Anderson, Sidney Bolam and Rebecca Lowery

Troy Anderson: Rockford, Michigan

Statement: Intricate copper & bronze work, hammer raised, variety of color applications, and a lacquer finish.



Sidney Bolam: Nashville, Indiana

Statement: I carve primarily Indiana limestone in a relief style. I also use other kinds of stone and antler.

Rebecca Lowery: Bloomington, Indiana
Coiled, slab and thrown ceramic sculptures with underglaze and custom glazes fired to cone 6.
I love "unlocking" our set perceptions and rebuild the world in my own images.  Humans are bizarre creatures.  We consture our world with our minds and lock those percepetions firmly in place to "make sense" of our world.  What happens when we release the locks?  Our minds can perceive far more than just what is in front of us, if we allow our minds to wander.