Autumn Aslakson, Ed Brownlee, Kristin Busch, Christine Davis, Audry Deal-McEver, Adam Egenolf, Sandi Finney, Jim Halvorson, Samuel Hitchman, William Kaufmann, Jeremy Keller, Rebecca Lowery, Barb Lund, Brian Moore, Casey Muyskens-Toth, and Larry Spears

Autumn Aslakson: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Statement: Wheel thrown dinnerware and art pottery. Intricate decoration is applied by hand with wax resist.

Ed Brownlee: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Statement: functional stoneware art with brightly glazed folk imagery referencing animation and art history


Kristin Busch: Bloomington, Indiana
Statement: Pots are wheel thrown stoneware, glazed to achieve depth & visual texture and fired in a gas kiln


Christine Davis: Fishers, Indiana
Statement: My works are all wheel thrown and Raku fired ceramics.


Audry Deal-McEver: Nashville, Tennessee
Statemente: 50% porcelain/50% white stoneware. Wheel thrown, then the surface is carved. Cone 6 food-safe glazes


Adam Egenolf: Nineveh, Indiana
Statement: I create high temperature, gas and electric fired, functional and decorative crystalline pottery.


Sandi Finney: Indianapolis, Indiana
Statement: Hand thrown functional stoneware fired in a gas kiln/cone10


Jim Halvorson: Bloomington, Indiana
Statement: wheel thrown and handbuilt stoneware pottery and decorative pieces

Samuel Hitchman: Cincinnati, Ohio
Statement: Wheel thrown & altered utilitarian-decorative ceramics. Numerous sprayed glazes, gas fired cone 12.


William Kaufmann: Hudson, Wisconsin
Statement: Thrown, extruded, altered forms, porcelain clay, hand-painted using stains & washes. High-fired


Jeremy Keller: Lewisville, Ohio
Statement: Slab built vessels and tile made of cone 6 stoneware clay utilizing natural forms as embellishment.


Rebecca Lowery: Bloomington, Indiana

Statement: Whimsical colorful functional pottery thrown and altered with underglaze and glaze fired to cone 6.


Barb Lund: Bloomington, Indiana
Statement: Wheel thrown white stoneware fired to ^6 in Oxidation with hand mixed glazes


Brian Moore: Indianapolis, Indiana
Statement: Functional and decorative ware with an emphasis on elaborate surface treatments on vessel forms.


Casey Muyskens-Toth: Bloomington, Indiana
Statement: I use cone 5 porcelain to throw and hand build decorative and functional vessels.


Larry Spears: Nashville, Indiana
Statement: Thrown and altered stoneware and porcelain, individually formatted glazes, reduction fired.