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2023 Fourth Street Festival Award Winners:


Best in Show           Nicholas Barnes, Wood

Best in 2D               Taylor Mazer, 2D

2nd in 2D               Robert Bridges, Painting     

3rd in 2D                Chris Plummer, 2D          

Best in 3D               Jon & Patricia Hecker, Wood             

2nd in 3D               Christine Davis, Ceramics

3rd in 3D                Autumn Aslakson. Ceramics

Jim Kemp Award for Design and Innovation

Laura Gutzwiller, Fiber                                          


Alice San Pietro Award for Painting

Jayne Akison, Painting                                                  


Barb Bihler Award for Functional Pottery

Sumiko Takada, Ceramics

Barb Bihler Functional Potter Award

The 4th Street organization wishes to recognize Bloomington's strong tradition and community of ceramic artists of which Barb was a very important part. 

This award to a functional potter is sponsored by the committee in memory of Barb Bihler who died in January of 1999.    

Barb was an important person of influence in the Bloomington arts and crafts scene. Her valuable work and encouragement for others continues to affect those that knew her. 

A talented potter, Barb did much to promote ceramics in the area, including the Soup Bowl Benefit and Local Clay, and affiliation with The Gallery. 

Her service on the 4th Street Committee helped to make the fair a fine show for both exhibitors and patrons. She will be missed.  

Past Award Winners:

2022 Ed Brownlee
2021 Autumn Aslakson
Thomas Bothe
2018 Carolina Niebres
2017 Cathra-Anne Barker
2016 Cathra-Anne Barker
2015 Amelia Stamps
2014 Jeff Unzicker

2013 Steve Cunningham

2012 Larry Spears
2011 Michael Frasca
2010 Jeff Unzicker

2009 Amelia Stamps

2008 Cathra-Anne Barker

2007 Paul Jeselskis

2006 Sandi Finney

2005 Ruth Conway

2004 Greg Schatz

2003 Elliot S.Myers

2002 Michael Schwegmann

2001 John Peterson

2000 Larry Spears

1999 Thomas Unzicker

Jim Kemp Craftsmanship Award

Throughout more than 35 years as a ceramic artist, Greenwood’s Jim Kemp never let the acclaim of the public or the praise of the judges cloud his humble view of his art.

“It’s all practice,” he would say whenever someone commented on the artistic quality of his work — the colorful, imaginative platters, teapots, vases, bowls and “flight-of-fantasy” creations he spun on the wheel in his Greenwood studio.


At the time of his death from a heart attack in November 2013 at the age of 58, Kemp had work displayed in the homes of collectors and in art exhibits around the nation, but the ribbons and awards presented to him by judges throughout his career were hung on nails in the back of his closet — behind his work clothes.


Kemp also was known for sharing his knowledge with his peers, particularly beginning potters hoping to follow him into full-time careers in art.

Over Labor Day weekend, the “Jim Kemp Memorial Fund” — a not-for-profit, tax-exempt fund launched in July by the Kemp family and the potters’ guild — will present its first “Jim Kemp Craftsmanship Award” at Bloomington’s annual 4th Street Art Fair.


Past Award Winners:

2023  Laura Gutzwiller
2022 Derek Collins
2021 Marie Rust 
Kristin Gereau

2018 Greg Williams
2017 Larry Spear
2016 ​​​Ivy Solomon
2015 Taylor Mazor

Alice San Pietro Award

In memory of Alice San Pietro, a well known Bloomington watercolorist, her family generously sponsors The Alice San Pietro Award for excellence in watercolor.

Past Award Winners:

2022 Andy Van Schyndle
2021 Micah Mullen
Justin Sato

2018 Carry Wild
2017 Carrie Wild
2016 Dawn Adams
2015 Dawn Adams
2014 Cathy Hillegas
2013 Michael Weber
2012 Andrew Van Shynol
2011 Bonnie Gordon Lucas

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