Peter Brown, Collette Fortin & Berry Davis, Janet Groth, Charlene Heilman, Al Sievers, Randy Turner and Carolyn and Leonard Wilson


Peter Brown: Northbrook, Illinois
Statement: Sheets of glass are hand cut and designed, then heat manipulated into both art and functional forms


Collette Fortin & Berry Davis: Celina, Ohio

Statement: Solid glass sculpture,individual interior parts built on punty,assembled, encased, shaped, faceted.


Janet Groth: Brigman, Michigan

Statement: I create unique stained glass panels using the copper foil method of construction.


Charlene Heilman: Lily, Kentucky

Statement: Glass cut arranged in a pallet of color tack fused cold worked refired to a contour fuse to maintain


Al Sievers: Batavia, Illinois

Statement: Contemporary stained glass, copper foiled or leaded, incorporating various metals & glass materials

Randy Turner: Paris, Illinois
Statement: Classic hot shop methods are used to create my uniquely designed works from a pot of molten glass.


Carolyn and Leonard Wilson: McHenry, Illinois

Statement: Pieces are cut or clipped, laid out and fired. Fused glass may be combined with stained glass.