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Artist Info

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Sunday, September 3, 2023


Day Of Show Judges-2023

  • Jaime Sweany-Owner of Juniper Art Gallery

  • Daria Smith-Ceramic/Metal/Fiber Artist

  • Ellen Starr Lyon-Painter

  • Marc Tschida-Wood Artist



  1. Check in: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Friday Sept 1st the corner of 3rd and Grant only,

    • All vehicles enter at this point. You will need your license to get your packet.

    • The police will fill water barricades at 6:00 pm. After this time no vehicles can physically move in or out of the street until after closing on Sunday. Therefore if you plan to set up after this time, you will have to dolly in but you must check in Friday between 1:30-5:30 or forfeit your booth.

    • All vehicles must be out of the show site no later than 6pm.


    • You will have 1 hour to unload

    • Please unload your vehicle at your booth and then remove the vehicle from the street.

    • There will be parking information in your packet.

    • Then, come back and set up.

    • Please be considerate of your fellow artists. You have unlimited time to set up once your vehicle is moved off the show site.

  3. SHOW HOURS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: SATURDAY 10am – 6pm       SUNDAY 10am – 5pm


Grant street artists can check in and set up anytime from 1pm-6pm - those artists on this street will have the ability for a more leisurely setup as booths are only on one side of Grant.

North Side Artists: Artists on the North side of 4th street will have a check in time of 1pm-3pm. You will have an hour to unload your vehicle and move it off the premises. Windshields will be marked with the time you arrived, and this will be monitored. Once you have moved your vehicle off the street, you can continue setting up your booth indefinitely.

South Side Artists: Artists on the South side of 4th street will have a check in time of 4pm-6pm. You will have an hour to unload your vehicle and move it off the premises. Windshields will be marked with the time you arrived, and this will be monitored. Once you have moved your vehicle off the street, you can continue setting up your booth indefinitely.

Block captains are artists on the committee who volunteer countless hours to make this show successful. They will mark the streets early Friday morning, then set up their booth, then will assist the artists in their area. They can assist with any issues you might have.


  1. The IU parking lot is the biggest, best place to park. Exhibitor pass must be displayed on your vehicle dash with your cell number written on the pass. Vehicles must park between the lines.The IU parking lots open after 5pm on Friday and you will have access during the show through the alleys. If you have a trailer, you must unhook and place it in a single parking space. Park in EMP or EMS marked spaces only. Do not park in R or Reserved spaces. 

    • Oversized vehicle/trailer parking available at the corner of College & 3rd St - directly east of the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center.

      ***If you need oversized parking, please ask at check in for a parking pass.

    • City and IU regulations prohibit overnight camping in parking lots or on city streets. Fourth Street Festival will not be responsible for parking tickets.

  2. Dunkirk Square lot. This is a smaller lot than IU but open anytime.  The address is: 430 E Kirkwood Ave

  3. Old National Bank lot This lot can only be used for those artist vehicles that can be left there the entire weekend, from 5:45 Friday. Once in this lot, you will stay there until 5pm on Sunday as the only access is on 4th street.. This is a good option if staying within walking distance.

Booth Regulations

  1. Booth sign MUST be visible on the RIGHT FRONT of your booth.

  2. Secure your tent when not at the show – this is a high traffic, urban neighborhood. All tents must be appropriately weighted - we will monitor this.

  3. No generators or open flames allowed.

  4. All merchandise and displays must be contained within your booth.

  5. Sidewalks behind booths must be kept clear at all times for pedestrians.

  6. Awnings are to be up ONLY during festival hours. Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5. (for emergency vehicle access)

  7. The artist or artists who juried into the show must be present at the festival.  No exceptions.

  8. Standards committee: Saturday morning volunteers will be visiting and comparing your work and booth with the images you submitted in your ZAPP entry.

    • Artists may display work only in the category into which they successfully juried and confirmed.

    • Reproductions cannot exceed 20% of your booth.

    • Only those artists that are accepted in the jewelry category are permitted to display and sell jewelry.

  1. SHOW HOURS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: SATURDAY 10am –6pm and SUNDAY 10am –5pm This is a free show and buyers will come early!

  2. Saturday Breakfast: Sponsored by White Castle, come try their "impossible burger” and other breakfast sandwiches as well as coffee at Info. Booth 8am - till gone.

  3. Sunday Coffee: Needmore Coffee is supplying artists coffee on Sunday.

  4. Sunday Breakfast: Coffee bagel breakfast sponsored by the 4th St Festival and Gables Bagels  TBA Award winners for 2023 will be displayed near this table and at the info booth. 

  5. Food options: There are many fantastic small restaurants for your lunch and dinner choices. You can also purchase water or other beverages at these establishments. 

  6. Security:  

    • The Monroe County Public Library (303 E Kirkwood Ave – one block north of the Festival) will provide a safe shelter in the event of a weather emergency. 

    • Security is provided day and night during the festival from noon Friday through 8pm Sunday. Streets will be closed to traffic until 9:00 pm Sunday.  If you must return to your booth outside of show hours, please wear your show credentials and inform security officials.

    •  The Fourth Street Festival assumes no liability for damage or theft to booths

  7. Awards Judging : 10am – 2pm Saturday. Judges will place a colored dot on your sign after viewing your booth. Awards will be presented Sunday morning at artist booths. Winner list available at Info Booth.. 

  8. Day of Show Judges:  Ellen Starr Lyon, Marc Tschida, Daria Smith, Jaime Sweeney

  9. Services at Information Booth: (Fourth & Grant Streets)

    •  Sign up for booth sitters.

    •  Information regarding restrooms and ATMs.  

    • T-shirt discount: Don’t forget to purchase this year’s t-shirt. Just show your name badge to get $5.00 off. 2023  Shirt designed by Taylor Mazer.

  1. Break down your booth, totally, weather permitting, after 5:00 pm Sunday before bringing in your vehicle. No vehicles allowed in until streets are cleared of patrons. Entry location is the same as during setup. 

  2. The water barricades are drained at 4:00pm on Sunday and some of this water will go down 4th street. Be prepared to pull your artwork off the ground prior to this time.

  3. You have a trash bag in your setup packet and our trash containers are collected at 5:00pm. Please ensure your trash makes it into the containers prior to 5:00pm and if not, carry it away with you. 

  4. Please return your survey, name tag and photography permission sign to volunteers, the info booth, or block captains.

  5. All booths must be completely removed by 9pm Sunday because we must open the streets.


Indiana Sales Tax

YOU are responsible for collecting, reporting and remitting 7% Indiana Sales Tax on all purchases. For information, visit

Clean up your booth and take your trash with you, we have no trash pickup after 5pm on Sunday.


4th Street partners with several hotels to reserve rooms for artists. 


There is a home game with Ohio this weekend, so get your rooms early!!!

Biddle Hotel 2023

Bloomington, IN (IU Campus)
Group code 4THSTREET23 

Rate $189+tax per night. 

Guests can call in to 812-856-6381 or get online with the group code at

Quality Inn 2023
Nashville, IN (30 Minutes away)

Group code 4TH STREET 

Rate $159+tax per night. 

Seasons Hotel
Nashville, IN (30 Minutes away)

Twenty-five rooms on September 1&2 checking out on September 3, 2023.

Rate:  $194.00 per room, per night + 12% tax.

Please refer to Fourth Street Art Festival to make reservations.  You will be asked to pay one night deposit and the rest at check-out.

You must cancel two days prior to event to get a full refund.


Hotel Info


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