2020 Festival Hours

Saturday, September 5
10am – 6pm
Sunday, September 6
10am – 5pm

Artist Appreciation Breakfast,
Sunday from TBA
corner of 4th & Grant St

Show Jurors - 2019
  • Jay McDougall: Wood Worker
    Jay opened his studio in 1982 with his wife and fellow artist Cindy. McDougall’s early years were spent designing and building original pieces of furniture. He has also been a contributing writer for Fine WoodWorking Magazine. His current body of sculpted work is the distillation of this career spent pursuing economy of line and form. Jay has garnered numerous national awards for excellence in his field while maintaining an exhibition schedule that includes the most prestigious venues across the country. Jay was also selected as a 2008 McKnight Foundation Fellowship recipient.

    You can learn more about Jay and view his work at www.jaymcdougall.com

  • Katrin Wolf: Jeweler
    Encouraged by my parents at a young age to pursue my artistic abilities, I grew up interested in many forms of art expression. After college, I worked in several mediums before embarking on my jewelry career in 1985.  I owned and managed a craft shop in Burlington, Vermont from 1975-1985 during the explosion of the “American Craft Movement”.  In 1984 I was given the opportunity to learn the the basic skills of jewelry making as an apprentice under Michael Moore of Fire and Metal, and that experience changed my life. Within 6 months I had my own line of silver jewelry, and was exhibiting at the Rosen Shows and ACC Shows with wholesale accounts across the country. Since that time, my focus evolved to marketing my work at select Juried Art Shows across the country where I have had the privilege of national recognition and numerous awards.

    Each piece of my jewelry is a story incorporating my imagery in enamels, enhanced by mother natures pallet of colorful gemstones, pearls & minerals. I fabricate each piece in sterling silver & high karat gold utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques, and find joy in the execution of each piece. I've always been inspired by nature and it's beauty, the old masters, my vivid dreams and unusual gemstones. I am fascinated by the play of textures & light between the metals, the enamels and gemstones, thus creating jewelry as talisman as well as personal adornment. I continue to be challenged with balancing the business and the artistic aspects of this life style, and enjoy when each piece finds a patron who's purchase will complete the circle. 

  • Rey Alfonso: Painter
    Rey Alfonso is a Cuban artist whose mixed media paintings are energetic expressions of contemporary culture.  

    Alfonso's pieces can be found in public and private collections in more than 40 countries. He has created works for individuals and organizations ranging from the San Francisco Opera House to the Mayo Clinic. In 2010, he was commissioned by Hilton Worldwide to create over 150 works for the private collections of the company’s owners and investors.

  • Jim Parmentier: Ceramics
    We have been working together in clay for over 40 years. Each piece moves back and forth between the two us to complete all of the intricate steps involved in our work. As nationally recognized potters, we have participated in nearly every major art fair in the county. We are members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen and Carolina Designer Craftsmen.  For the past 10 years we have been members of Ariel Gallery, located in downtown Asheville, one of the most prominent craft co-operative galleries in the country.

Day of Show Judges-2019

  • Elizabeth Busey-Printmaker

Printmaker Elizabeth Busey likes to exploit the deliberate nature of printmaking as a way to meditate on parts of the world that fascinate her. Daily encounters with towering billows of clouds as well as expansive topographies and microscopic illuminations are translated into large, colorful reduction linocuts and detailed, rhythmic monoprint collages.


Her work has been featured in juried printmaking shows such as the Boston Printmaker’s North American Biennial, the Four Rivers Print Biennial and the National Print Exhibition at Artlink in Ft. Wayne, IN, where her linocut Breath Intertwined won first place. Her artwork is in public, corporate and private collections in the United States and Australia.


Busey was born in Syracuse, New York in 1967 to parents who loved to hike and travel. She continued this interest as she lived on both coasts, and now resides among the rugged hills and valleys of Bloomington, Indiana. 

  • Angela Caldwell-Jeweler and Fiber artist
    Angela Caldwell is a full time studio artist and is currently an MFA student, continuing her studies in jewelry and fibers. Her work focuses on memory and examines women’s role in society through traditional craft based techniques. Caldwell’s work has been shown nationally in many juried exhibitions and can be found in several boutiques and galleries. She lives and works in Bloomington, Indiana.

  • Karen Green Stone-Potter

Karen Green Stone is a studio potter working primarily in porcelain, making functional pieces for every day use and unique pieces for special occasions. She fires to cone 10 in a gas reduction kiln. She is a co-founder and president of Local Clay Potters’ Guild and a co-founder of Artisan Guilds of Bloomington.  She has developed an interest in geology, looking at the origin of the materials we use as potters.

  • Tova Lesko-Fiber Artist

Tova has been a resident of Bloomington, IN, since 2008 when she moved to town to pursue a

degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University. She graduated in May of 2012, at which time she

took a year to work solely in artist’s studios, learning their craft and business alongside them. In April of 2013, Tova became the manager of By Hand Gallery. Here she is able to act as a point of connection between artists and the community, and is able to promote the local art scene that she cares so deeply about. Today she is pursuing a graduate degree in Information Science at Indiana University and creating her own woven, naturally dyed textile art.


4th Street partners with several hotels to reserve rooms for artists.  Here is this year's list:


1. The Graduate - Our host hotel this year is The Graduate. It is brand new and on our site. $99.00/night

2. Fairfield Inn - The Fairfield Inn is less than 3 miles from the show site. $99.00/night


3.Springhill Suites - Springhill Suites is a 15-minute walk or short ride to downtown. $119.00/night



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