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Host An Artist

Would You like to host an artist in your home during the show?


Host an Artist 2021!


Every year, 4th Street Art Festival attracts some of the nation’s most talented and amazing artists. However, participating in an art fair can be costly for them.

Lucky for our artists, Bloomington is renowned for its hospitality! Hosting an artist (or two!) is an excellent way to help alleviate some of the costs of participating in the 4th Street Festival, as well as make new friends!


How To Volunteer 2021:

To volunteer as an Artist Host for the 4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts, simply follow these steps:

  1. Review our tips below regarding filling out your host form and making a connection

  2. Fill out and submit the Host an Artist Form.  Host An Artist Form

  3. Once your form is submitted, match you with an artist whom fits your parameters.  Then the artist is given your contact information and you theirs.  All details can be worked out with the individual host and artist.

  4. Once you work out a successful connection, let us know! Please send an email to 4th.street.festival at

Tips for Consideration:

See our tips below on what to consider while filling out your host form. Understanding your expectations about hosting will help you know what to look for!

  • How many people are you comfortably able to host?

  • What days are you available to host an artist?

  • Do you have pets or children?

  • Do you have a preference on gender or age of your visiting artist?

  • Is your home a smoking or nonsmoking home?

  • Are you hoping to share meals and get to know your visiting artist better? Are you willing to share cooking space?

  • Do you have a computer you would be willing to share or have available for your visiting artist? Does your home have Wi-Fi?

  • Are you comfortable giving your visitor a key to your home?

  • Are you comfortable with your visitor being at your home while you are out?

  • Are you able to provide transportation for your visiting artist?

Connections Tips:
  • Once a connection has been made, it is best to immediately address any concerns. It is okay to say no if you feel the connection is not going to work – it is better to seek another match than to put yourself or an artist in an uncomfortable position.

  • Take a look at the artist’s website! The more you know about the artist, the better the experience will be.


Questions? Please direct them to 4th.street.festival at


Ready to help an artist? Fill out our  Host An Artist Form

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